Is there any place for rest for the attendants?

Patient Dormitory is available adjacent to the Cafeteria. The same can be utilized by the attendants on pre-payment bases. The beds are available on first come first serve basis.

Are medicines available to the patient in the hospital or do they have to go out of the premises to procure them?

The medicines are to be procured by the attendants for their admitted patients and are to be handed over to the Nursing Staff for administering the same.
Medicines can be provided on bed side on deposition of advance for the medicines separately.

Are estimates of bills available on a daily basis?

The hospital is evolving and working on a daily billing update system wherein daily updates of bills are done and the patient/relatives can inquire from the IPD Billing Section the total bill as on that day. The Hospital already practices a system wherein a call is made to the attendants for deposit of the outstanding amount.

How long does the billing procedure take?

It takes around two hours to discharge a patient after the consultant advises discharge. However, the time may get delayed due to late preparation of discharge summary, dispute on billing item, etc.

Why hospital restricts attendants to meet patent in the ICU?

Intensive Care Unit worldwide follows certain disciplinary protocols whereby attendants are restricted to the unit to decrease the risk of infection, to provide continuous unhampered Nursing Services and to give the patient a conducive atmosphere to fight back disease/illness.

Does the hospital provide transport for the patients?

Yes the hospital provides ambulance service to commuting patient for admission within 5 Km radius.

Where is the pharmacy?

The hospital has inhouse pharmacy which operates on 27X7 basis.

What are the qualifications of the doctors and form where do they come?

All doctors (consultants) attached to the hospital have the highest degree offered by the country in their specialty. Some even have foreign degree/accreditations. All doctors go through a process of selection before they can be appointed/posted as consulted in the Hospital.

At what time can one pick up the investigation reports?

Simple reports like routine blood tests, X-Rays, Sonographies and CT scan are faster, but the more advanced tests processes take longer. It is advisable to ask the Laboratory Technician to confirm the time when you may return to pick up the test results. The consultants usually inform the patients about this even before the patients ask. The reports can also be obtained online thorugh the link and password provided on the cash receipt.

Can laboratory technicians to go the patient’s residence to collect blood samples?

No, we do not encourage this practice, the Hospital is in close proximity and is easily accessible.

Does the Hospital offer round the clock service ?

Yes the hospital has staff to work round-the–clock. Medical Officers are available for attending minor ailments and Consultants are available on call to attend to any medical emergency requiring urgent intervention.

What are the OPD Timings ?

Please refer to the consultant wise OPD schedule on the website (click link).

How many days in advance does the patient have to book an appointment?

It is preferred that the patient books an appointment atleast 24 hours in advance so that the doctor reschedules his work at the Hospital. The availability of the Doctor is subject to no Emergency case to be handled by him/her.

What are the different medical specialties the Hospital has to offer?

Kindly refer to the scope of services of the Hospital Website (click link).

Is it necessary to make an appointment or can clients walk in on any day convenient to them?

It is necessary though not absolutely mandatory to make an appointment. Appointments ensure that there are no untoward delays and a smooth process of health check up is completed.

Who will help us decide on which plan one should opt for?

The patient requiring the test may call the Hospital and contact the PHC Executive who will suggest the appropriate health check package. If you are not satisfied you can ask for the assistance of a medical officer present in the Hospital. Please give your details like age, history, present symptoms and specific problems and worries you are keen to have investigated.

How long will the health check-up take?

The health checks usually commence in the morning at 9 AM with a brief break for brunch before re-commencing and ending at around 2 PM. If there is any specific disease involving some specialized check-ups then it may take a few more hours.

What are the rates for different packages?

The rates of the packages are well defined and will be made available to you by
our Financial Counselor or the Treating Consultant.

What are the different facilities the Hospital Offer?

The Hospital offers a variety of facilities which are tailor-made to the specific requirements with regard to the disease, age or fitness of each person.
We do not have Cardio-Thoracic Surgery facilities.

What is the deposit for booking the operation?

Reservation deposit is to be paid within 72 hours on Surgeon’s booking date or 2 days prior to admission. The patients are requested to pay amount specified in the schedule of charges according to the operative category.