Dr. Asahish Gupta

Intervational Cardiology

Dr. Ashish Gupta is one of the leading cardiologists in Jaipur. He has contributed extensively to growth, development & training in the field of intervention cardiology. He is well known for performing the complex coronary interventions in advanced heart disease patients with least complication rate and excellent long-term results. “He is among few cardiologist in India who perform Rotational Atherectomy (Device to clear calcium in coronary Arteries) via Trans Radial approach”. He has done ground breaking work on shortening Door to Baloon time & using Trans Radial approach in managing STEMI (treatment of Acute heart attack using percutaneous intervention (PCI)).

Dr. Gupta is expert in treating all type of Blockages in coronary Arteries using all techniques (Rota, IVUS, OCT, FFR, Bioabsorbable Stent) Dr Yadav is also expert in treating blockages in Peripheral Arteries(carotid, subclavian, Iliac, Femoral) , Venous diseases (DVT, Pulmonary Embolism), Aortic diseases (Aneurysm, Dissection). He is also specialized in Pacemakers, ICD, CRT, ASD, PDA (Device closures), Coarctation of Aorta Stenting, Bronchial artery embolisation. Dr. Yadav has been a distinguished faculty member in various international, national meetings and conferences. He has published many articles, reviews and abstracts in various national and international journals. Dr. Yadav has been the recipient of numerous awards for excellence from medical societies and the community. He is running Campaigns for Public Awareness in various small towns and villages for the betterment of a rural area. 

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